Intermodal Freight 1

The new frontier of rail freight forwarding.

We connect the port of Trieste with the railway destinations of Munich, Burghausen, Ulm, Villach and Budapest, offering advantageous connections with all of Europe and the world.

Never before has intermodal transport been the focus of attention in all commercial activities, now also extra-continental.

Even the import from Asian countries now sees a valid and fast alternative to the Silk Road by sea, finding support and connections on the railroad.

In synergy with our logistics service and thanks to a team of experts we are at your disposal to optimize the times and costs of your shipments, with particular attention to the environmental impact.

High-speed connections

With intermodal transport by rail, fixed transit times are guaranteed without prohibitions or restrictions on traffic during weekends and public holidays.


Using this transport service, the environmental impact is much lower: 0.88 kg of CO2/km on the road compared to just 0.05 kg of CO2/km on the railways.

Regular service

Departures are scheduled, therefore They can be programmable and with fixed delivery times.

Daily connections

The availability of rail connections between the port of Trieste and Europe is daily and allows you to connect at any time sea transport arriving from overseas and from Asia with any destination in Europe at a competitive speed and with the utmost respect for the environment.

Europe & Asia

Connections between Europe and Asia have never been so fast and frequent. Now the Silk Road can also be travelled by rail with a clear saving of time, halving delivery times. 


The best solution for long-distance and bulk transport. 

The choice of intermodal transport is ideal for goods that require safety and flexibility of transport, with particular attention to costs and the environment.