An experienced person dedicated to you will help you organize your shipment in the best way possible and will be your only fixed point of touch.

With Cesped you can constantly monitor the progress of your shipments and request specific analyses on the results of deliveries. Thanks to the advanced analysis system integrated with our logistics platform, we are able to provide you with customized reports and KPIs on all your shipments.

Our more than 41,500 square meters of warehouse allow us to offer enough space for your goods to be stored, managed and stored in complete safety.

Il sistema EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) consente lo scambio di documenti normalizzati tra i sistemi informatici delle varie aziende. 

Il sistema EDI Cesped, sviluppato e gestito internamente dal nostro Centro di Elaborazione Dati, si integra perfettamente con qualsiasi sistema gestionale, permettendovi di gestire le vostre spedizioni direttamente dai vostri pc.

Our logistics and warehousing service also includes individual labelling.

The labelling phase of the goods is very important, as it allows a streamlined logistics management, but also rich in information.

The labels allow you to always have all the information you need for the collection and delivery of goods, track the flow of goods, always knowing at what stage of your shipment and quickly trace back to the company producing the goods in stock.

Labels are used for shipping, inventory, tracking, tracking and tracing of products, so they are a key element in providing you with a secure, accurate and real-time accessible logistics service.

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